Depressionbait throws acid on a fellow Depressionbait-


Future Cerial Killa
Cultural enrichment at its finest.....including all the gang raaaaaaape.


Make your Choice
still her sexual market value is higher than all of incels combined
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even this pig toilet gets chad and 100 times more attention than high tier normie or incel
I think it is actually a pig larping as a foid
My first thought, a human pig!! haha.. Not enough gold in fort knox that could motivate me to fuck her!! HELL


Only Sleeping
Are the comments filled with simps showing her support?
"She is beautiful just the way she is and she always will be"

"She's still extremely beautiful"

"I’m so glad she survived and she is well"

"I hope she’s doing well. She is strong and beautiful."

"She's still beautiful! And has lovely hair."

"Honestly, even after she’s burnt, she’s still prettier than her friend"

"It’s ok girl your so beautiful without makeup and we all love you so much and I definitely support you <33"