Delete EXIF data guide. A step by step guide.


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Hello there. Today i wanted to tell you all how you can delete EXIF data from your pictures. No need for photoshop or some premium app. I was inspired to do this because i saw another guys post where he shared some photos he took. Always take precaution when posting photos taken by a phone or camera.
Step 1: You transfer the photos from your camera/phone to your pc.
Step 2: Download gimp. Its pretty much paint.
Step 3: Open your image in gimp. Go to file>Overwrite image.
Step 4: Untick the save exif data option. Then press Export.
Congratulations! Now the gps data is removed from your photos. I dont know if this site protects against that but i just thought id share this incase you ever want to share any photos from your phone/camera.