Dating apps are ruining dating


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according to this article dating apps are causing the following problems in relationships:

1. paradox of choice, making it difficult for people to decide who to date
2. making it easier to cheat, since tinder is basically a game if youre attractive
3. making people paranoid that their partner WILL cheat, since its so easy

people act like its easier than ever to find someone to treat you with respect but if anything the modern conveniences are making women (and theoretically men, but only chads have success on the app) worse people.

sometimes I really think society has doomed itself. good thing I was never a part of it.


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this is 100 percent correct... Dating apps are a CURSE(unless your a chad)... Makes things a thousand times WORSE!!


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There is an Agenda to intentionally make all males sterile and incel. Notice the difference between 80's transsexuals and transsexuals of today. 80's glam rock was virile, lustful, and counter-culture. The new ones are feminist, obedient, lust shaming estrogen junkies, trying to "integrate" into the existing Matrix framework (Hillary voters). The difference is strategic and intentional. This can actually be confirmed, scientifically, as all (first-world) males are more sterile than ever, and drastically so. People complain that okstupid is "rigged", because it is.

Also spoiler alert forgot to mention that Trump is rigged and part of the Matrix too. Also in the Matrix movie they never actually escaped, Zion was actually another simulation.