Cuck news claim thots treat sub-Chad too well


EteRnal Evil.
Came across this on Forbes. Will never read this cucked news again of course. Used to like it before.

Just look at the title. OK, now we know that wamyn protect incels from being jailed or killed for approaching, being confident and doing any other shit with an implication that they are worthy of a female's attention and affection.

I am against equality of genders, but it's hypocritical that thanks to feminist struggle for alleged "equality" all females and Chad can express their natural desires, while sub-Chad, the major contributor to the society's well-being, can't. In fact he is punished for that and all the blame is put on him.

No man reports muh harassment and no female does so if she was """"""harassed"""""" by Chad.

And now, on top of it all, comes this ridiculous femsplaining that not putting sub-Chad for his attempts to ascend to jail was a divine act of forgiveness and virtue all wamyn would do on the workplaces they've raided without any effort thanks to the help of the government big daddy, depriving men of yet another safe space.

Just fucking kek, an incel is ungrateful for not being imprisoned by some thot who has a "personal preference" for Chad and feels "uncomfortable" and "threatened" around sub-Chad men. Not when Chad chokes her up though.


EteRnal Evil.
bcroger2 said:
They are marching because they got harassed by Timothy, not Chad.
High IQ. For ugly feminists the problem is mostly about Chad not harassing them, as opposed to sub-Chad nice guy looksmatch aka "lonely pedο virgin creeper".