cuck catering


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Its an agenda of the fake news media to turn us all into cucks.

Back when fake news was fake news, the only news I could even want to read was the fake news. Now the real news is just fake news. And its no longer funny like the funny fake news.

Cant stand going into supermarkets these days. Always towering over the stupid peon animals around me. Not a sexist I view most of the men there as animals too. Even though I'm superior to the peons these peons still reject me like I'm lesser than them. Makes my blood boil seeing a girl and summoning the courage to talk, just to get shot down. All that pain and stress for nothing. Utter garbage broken world.

Then I wait in lines behind fatass jabba the hutt subhumans yet somehow they get laid more than me. Bombarded by cucky magazines telling me the lives of celebrities. Times like these I wish they sold gasoline so i could burn all those magazines. I'd do it on camera just to show the world how much I hate them. I'd be celebrated as the Christ, throwing over tables and shitting on the saddjucees of their temples of lies.

All it is is cucky magazine. Catering to rich women and their rich entilted fantasies. I snapped when I saw a magazine that interested me, saying "Woman settles down with average joe." Yet this "average joe" had a million dollar income. At that point I snapped and they had to call security to escort me out of the building. Fucking cucks and fags salivating over the lives of rich chads. Their mothers should have aborted their waste of life.