Could Use Some Help Please


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Good evening,

I thought this would sound strange but from other threads it seems like a few others have done this- but I’m not trying to waste anyone’s time so sorry for the inconvenience but I would really appreciate some help.

I’m a grad student doing research on how modern subcultures have specialized terminology, expressions, etc. unique to them and how that terminology developed. There are a LOT of terms used in all of these threads that seem to be unique to the incel community (but I could be wrong I’m really ignorant about this community as of now).

I’m just wondering if anyone would be willing to take the time to define some of this language in their own words. I would prefer hearing it from someone here to Googling it because it would be more accurate coming from a member of the community. But if there is an online definition that someone feels is accurate I would appreciate that as well.

A list of terms I would appreciate clarification on if possible (sorry again for my ignorance): Chad, giga-chad, etc. Stacey, blackpill, bluepill, etc. alpha, beta, omega, orbiter, newcell, deepcell, normie, NPC, LDAR. (And/or any other special terminology of this type that I have not listed.)

PSA: blunt honesty please, I’m not here to judge or make normative statements I just don’t know anything about this and would like to remedy that. Thank you!


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