Corona-chan 11,007,262


Insanity Pilled
It reached 11 million boyos!

Normies get what they deserve, it's their fault. They can't handle social distancing or keep themselves clean.





MAD as a Hatter!
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Hail fishler @Swo2016 and @Lordgoro for bringing miracles to incel brethren.
Lordgoro created the timeline, swo fishened it and tightened the ropes.
Creating timelines, or more accurately, changing the TRACKs of timelines maybe a theory for many, and a completely laughable sci-fi idea for all "normies", but for me, its NO longer theory, its a fact, especially since my dead aunt is alive and well and living in the original house. Its far freakier now KNOWING that its not a theory anymore.. But my reality.