Committing suіcіde over lockdown is pathetic.


Locally undesired.
Like the topic title says, committing suіcіde over lockdown is pathetic, well, if you’re a normal fаg anyway.

I’m a locally undesired male and autistic on top of that which dries women’s pussies and do I commit suіcіde? No. Normal fags are weak and don’t know what ACTUAL problems are, you can’t suffer from actual problems as a non-autistic male in most cases because if you’re not an autistic male, you’re privileged unless you’re not autistic but locally undesired or other ACTUAL issues that can make you the exception to being non-privileged but in MOST cases, nope, if you’re none of what I mentioned, you’re privileged and don’t have actual problems.

TheRiddler Super Villian
All you see is women committing suіcіde because of lockdown. I just recently saw an article where a woman committed suіcіde because she thought she was too ugly (despite having a bf and having 400,000 instagram followers. These women who are attractive are NOT confident. They never build true confidence. They get all their confidence from those around them. When ѕhit hits the fan (constant lockdowns) they just self-destruct.

Whats funny is i don't need to do or say anything - men know whats going on - thats why women are being constantly attacked. We just let this ѕhit play out and let society burn itself to the ground.