Chronicle is the most incel movie in recent memory. It follows a framecel named andrew. Hes socially awkward and doesnt have any friends


「Seventh Plague」
Andrew and the 2 other guys get the power of telekinesis basically, allowing them to do things like fly or even take a nuke to the face. The movie shows them bonding at first, andrew becomes more and more social and even uses his powers in the school talent show to get popular but it all came crashing down. He hooks up with a foid from his school in the bathroom and when he gets ready for sexual interactions, she laughs and calls his penis small. Andrew fuсking loses it. Walks out of the room they were due to have sex in with rage and contempt in his heart, even breaks one bullies nose by punching him. I wont spoil the movie but he goes full akira, as in attacks the entire city. Its a great movie and really shows that even status and popularity cant stop an incels fate.giphy (15).gif