Chads have sparkley eyes, capitalism in a nutshell.


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Every pic of chad I've seen he has sparkley eyes. Incels have dead eyes that dont sparkle. This is because incels are dead inside after years of rejection and blue pill and red pill lies.

Its capatalism in a nutshell. Chad gets laid, thus chad is blackpill, because he knows its about looks and that he has looks, thus lifefuel, sexfuel knowing that women are not asexual, but that women are sexual beings. Thus sparkle eyes and is positive. (Positive both ways, Chad is mentally positive, and STD positive also.)

Capatalism is evil. Poor get poorer, incels get more and more incel, while chad gets the good life. Its not right and its pure evil.

I dont agree with communism either. Communism is like just trying to make everyone poor and incel.
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No hope for chadlites or normans. Female entitlement is no longer satisfied by chad, chad must photoshop to attract women.

Quote from blackpill reddit:
"Brutal blackpill: make a tinder with a 3/10 landwhale and see what your compeetition is and how DESPERATE even chadlites message first. No wonder you get no matches if chadlites are worshipping the ground a landwhale walks on. The gigachads have their share of 3-10/10 women of course. "


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I differ with you on this one.

If we're talking solely on capitalism then it's a hell of a lot better than socialism. The foundational principles of capitalism is presenting citizens a free market, the way the market is operated is ultimately determined on individuals preferences and what's hot.

Additionally, major corporations are the greatest employers, and with this in hand atop of a free market, it's one of the most critical elements that make the United States great. This is similar to the amendments each individual citizens is freely granted, and the rights that everyone acquires, especially taking into consideration the endless protests of our President throughout the last two years.

Now, if you'd like to make an argument against capitalism, we can discuss how corporations like Facebook buy out their competitors so it remains powerful and highly influential in our economy. Or the fact that other companies such as Apple underpay their workers in locations such as China in extreme working conditions. Yet still, that's not the companies itself that are establishing these significant effects, it's people like you and I that influence the free market and determine which company will thrive and which will sink.


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Capitalism is bad. It eventually results in monopoly.

Old fashioned capatalism, where most families had family owned local businesses, is fine. Corporations just are part of the slavery, same with colleges.