Chads are fаggots tbh


"The only thing I could do was even the score."
They act tough and ѕhit, but if you think about it, every time an incel fights back, he wins. Every time.

Where were the chads who bullied Ellіot all his life, who pushed him off a ledge and beat him up when he was drunk, when he fought back? Did no one else in Isla Vista have a gun, or a truck to put in the way of his car, or was able to take him down from behind? Ofc they could have stopped him, but no one did bc they're fаggots. No one was ready for Ellіot's retribution, they only wanted to bully him without a reaction. They're the real cowards.


"The only thing I could do was even the score."
Cope. Every Chad would beat the ѕhit out of you
They could if they wanted to and i wasnt armed, because I'm a wristcel, but, if they beat me bad enough to ruin my chances of ascending, they're dead bc I'd go ER on them. And they wouldn't expect it, bc, in their mind, they have proven their superiority and that's it. They dont expect you to really fight back since that's not what most people would do, that's our edge, we reject social rules since society rejects us, so people can't predict our behavior. Do you think, when a Chad beats someone up, they go around with a gun or knife on them for the next month or so, just in case there's retribution? ofc they don't lmao

If it wasn't bad enough to ruin my (already low) chances of ascending, however, I'd have to let it fly. I couldn't let it distract me from the chance to be happy in my life for once. Like I've let a lot of ѕhit fly already. But if I really fought back, they would cower, like with Ellіot Rodger, Adam Lanza, Cho...

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Exactly. With all the violence and mass shootings in the US, anyone with a brain should have put two in two together.
But no.
Instead of doing something positive and finding a way where both sides could thrive, we are shamed and cast down. We are a threat because we have a lot of repress anger and we snap in a rage that no softie chad could.

They should have seen it coming


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Chads have huge egos and it would be an extremely humiliating experience for him to get beaten up by an incel, even if the chances are small.