Cellphones are the Culprit


Heros in æternum vive:

you can see a direct correlation of cellphones becoming more popular and females standard rising, and male virginity increasing, letting computers falling on the hands of normies where the worse mistake in the course of human history, the average normie doesn't even know what a Transistor is, or how ARMv8-64 cpus work, for god sake a lot of normies don't know the difference between RAM and HD memory.

young Americans are using as much as 4 hours of this crap by day, it's going to the point that their skulls are being deformed



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Aluminum foil blocks out Electro radiation, but not magnetic.

Tinfoil people are only half-crazy. Non-tin foils are 100% crazy. Tin foil hats is sanity. CNN and keyboard warriors make fun of us though. Up is down and down is up. I used to get made fun of for eating all natural foods. World is upside down. Wear tin foil hats in public and with pride.