Calling into question some of Eggman's views on genes.


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Saw a video of Eggman's where he calls himself and 95% of males genetic trash who deserve to be incel.

I call into question some of his brutal and cuckish views.

Firstly, Eggman looks like Paul McCartney who got laid a lot and made some good songs. Obviously the reason Eggman is incel is because he is low income and also because women of 2019 are very picky and only date bluepilled normies. Also Eggman seems to be cursed like the world is against him for some odd reason.

But he goes on rants about the caveman days and how women only want to have sex with super warrior types. He claims high testosterone grants super warrior status and then associates high testosterone with having superior genes. Africans have more testosterone than whites, so I guess Africa is the pinnacle of civilization and genetic quality according to him.

Yes let's let women act like it's 8000 years in the past and only date barbarians. Let's revert civilization to 8000 years in the past and let women decide the future of the human gene pool.

He goes on another rant saying modern males are autist and don't work hard or do sports like older males. But I think this is actually a form of evolution, more self-awareness being more aversive of going into a dull, slave job. More self-awareness means more fear of injury during sports. Another thing is economics, in the 50's jobs were more lucrative and less cutthroat. Nowadays people have to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet. There isn't as much economic incentive to become a normal adult who has a job. Instead it just seems like a nightmare you want to avoid. So I don't think modern laziness is actually totally due to genetic decline. But due to a pessimism and nihilism that has infected society, due to constant stream of negative news and 1% hoarding all the wealth causing economic failure.