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Who names themselves "anonymousragedude" and then go on an angry rant afterwards? Maybe it's just a call for attention.
no idea.. but I am gonna read his basedtruth from time to time.. after being lied to my whole life by soyciety..I need truth.. This is the truth they need to teach to children before they enter teenage years...


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Locally undesired. Verbal, not violent.
There should be rooms for sl*ts and man sl*ts where cameras are around to stop them doing degenerate acts and if caught on camera, they get expelled for it.

Incels however should get their own privacy and be able to be in a room without any cameras.


Sojourn Freed
When I was full on losing my fuсking mind and approaching ego death toward the end of 6th form (that's ages 17 and 18 for Americans) my supposed friend who is an incel in denial always makes fun of me to impress these girls and just looked at him, in the midst of blackpill rage and said "I DON'T GIVE A ѕhit THERE'S NOTHING LEFT FOR ME. I HAVE NOTHING LEFT."
These stupid wh*res in the class laughing their asses off. There was even this time in the same class this little 5'3'' manlet tries to mock me and I just flipped out and yelled "IT'S OVER FOR YOU! IT'S OVER AND YOU DON'T EVEN fuсking KNOW IT."
Women truly are privileged. We get red then blackpilled into oblivion. Cast out to die. They still have their egos, hopes, dreams, interests. If it weren't for my indifference, egolessness and overall apathy toward life I would go on an ER rampage so epic it would be like a campaign. (in GTA of course)