Brutal toothpill


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Ever since I was a child I loved sweet things. Or really, I was given free reign (no control) or actively promoted to eat sugary garbage and shut the fuck up. Through all those years, I never in a consistent way brushed my teeth. It wasn't promoted of me. Right now, as I speak, my teeth is obviously yellowed. But more than that, since we already know foids love BRIGHT WHITE TEETH on a Chad, so it just means it's double over for me. But not just that, my teeth literally have black holes in them as well. The front ones (the most important ones that people will see). Luckily no one notices because I'm a loser who has no contact with real human beings, and stays away from the Nіgger puppet underlings.

>rotten teeth
>mentally ill
>masturbation addict
>internet "addict"
>weak body / fragile bones

As I write this I can feel blood circulating in my teeth area because I neglected it more for a while and just put a bunch of sugary kike crap inside of my mouth (I had nothing else to eat).

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I must have super human teeth because I’ve barely brushed over the last 7 years or so but they still look fine


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in fact I have been born with very bad teeth , my parents wasted a lot of money trying to fix my teeth , I had to use braces during years , the other kids bullied me because of this .
nowdays the braces did not worked and they became yellow because I had to use a lot of medicine


Do make sure to take care of them regularly, even if whitening is hopeless, for good oral hygiene. LDARing is more enjoyable when not having to deal with toothaches.


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FemoidsGTFO said:
Can't relate, I brush my teeth twice a day.
I brush my teeth every morning. The last time I brushed it during the night, I brushed too much and my gums started to bleed. I have OCD so i tend to over do things like that.
Don't brush your teeth very agressively because that will wear down the enamel and your gums will recede. You can't regrow the gum tissue that you've lost. And use a toothbrush with soft bristles.