Braincels Banned

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This is the result of the media attack on incels. Media frames all incels as psychopathic van killers. You would think groups that pray on vulnerable men would be banned - but of course they get to carry on.

Reddit is cucked.

I mean look at Twitter too - the amount of man-hating and stereotyping/prejudice is rife. I've actually managed to get a bunch of influencers banned from it for sexism.


On divine life support
Reddit was going down since they banned Cringe Anarchy.
They have sold out to the Chinese commies.
Ritalinbro said:
vcelguy said:
I wonder where will they go now?
.co probably
Nah, they suspect everyone of being a gay SJW tranny.
they call it some sort of hazing ѕhit like they're a bunch of college frat bros. If you're on one star they just call you a larper. You really have to earn your stripes on .co


On divine life support
Isn't it strange how lonely virgin men are the biggest threat to modern civilization all of a sudden? It's almost like it's just a desperate ploy to distract the masses from the real f*cked up ѕhit going on upstairs.
We pose a threat just by merely existing. Most of us are physically weak and genetically deformed and yet by merely speaking we bring great fear and hysteria to the status quo.