Boys/men falling behind at school, heavily outnumbered on campuses?


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There are countless articles online about how the percentage of males graduating from college/university continues to decline, women have now outnumbered men in post secondary education for decades now and across the western world.

Boys are also getting inferior grades to girls in elementary school and many have contributed this to the ever more increasing female centric curriculum and the fact that 99% of teachers are women, remember English class literature? Notice how it’s all feminist coming of age women’s liberation novels? Boys are often labeled as trouble makers simply by acting how boys act, ie jumping around, making shooting noises etc, female teachers routinely punish boys for acting in their true nature, instead training and brainwashing them to sit proper and read and talk on recess like girls do, boys are being feminized and emasculated early on. This is the goal of feminism.

The culture of misandry and “toxic masculinity” there is most certainly a war on boys if people actually care to open their eyes, incel boys end up suffering the brunt of this but the fact is men in general are entering dark times.

More and more women are getting higher educationthan men, many stats already show 20 something girls now make more money than males of the same age group.


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Would be better with a link or two.

Btw JFL @ SJW having to force females into "difficult" majors in STEM which they just don't want to join even though there are those "whaman in STEM" programs. Also high female percentage (40% and up) = most likely meme degree (there are exceptions of course).


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College is meant to enforce the plantation on unsuspecting men and women. Women are more narcissistic and thus more easily duped into their visions of college grandiosity.

College is a financial scam, but not an intellectual scam. College has use and a purpose.

95% of what you learn in regular school has no use. Regular school has no purpose whatsoever other than to enslave and brainwash into the plantation.

Also in college and school they teach you to make wall of text essays and obey. Now I can't even read news articles because its written by brainwashed slaves of the plantation, who write very long, wall of text essays that I don't have the time or patience to read. So schools are making the quality of life actually worse in some ways.