Bluepill causes toxic masculinity.


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So when I watch movies with toxic masculine realism and violence, I get a headache. I think the headache is my brain is changing to be more toxic and masculine. I think its a form of "overstimulation", I don't think Vietnam war is healthy or natural for males. I think we evolved for small scale fist fights but not large scale wars.

Anyway, before the Hollywood movies infected me with toxic masculinity, I had a more pure mindset. Let me explain. Like I'd watch wholesome aryan shows (not a nazi, just like disney aryan shows.) And I'd feel like an upstanding citizen of the community. I felt wholesome and no urge to be toxic to women. I felt like I could empathize with all beings and be a good person. I felt like women would like my wonderful personality.

BUT then I looked in the mirror. I realize I have subaryan genes. And that no woman would want me even if my personality is good. Because my genes are not fully aryan like in disney shows. And I realize I have no place in community, and no woman would ever love my dna, and that is blackpill.

But bluepill is toxic masculinity. Bluepill says you can have bad genes and that you are entitled to women if have nice personality. Bluepill is like, you can look like an ugly macho person, just have good personalty. Blackpill is the opposite of entitlement. I know I have no place in community because I was born with subpar genes and that noone will ever love me no matter how good my personality is.

And its like, toxic males diss wholesome aryan shows (not a nazi, i just like disney aryans.) And its like they brainwash you to try to be a "real man" who watches toxic hollywood jjabrams crap. Its like JJm1abrams just makes macho movies with nothing but macho crap like what he did with Star Wars and Star Trek movies. It's like Michael Bay, but on steroids.