[Blackpill] Why incels can't be happy


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A - normal - man without natural foid sex ist as unhappy, as a foid without food....

Only a foid without limited food or even money or with greed for a too big advantage, ist ready, to satisfy a mans basic need properly.....

Foids are only secondary motivated for sex. Only a few nymfomans give sex for nothing....


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I got committed to an Insane asylum for fcking YEARS over Stalking my foid oneitis at 13!! HOW stupid was that? Happiness is NOT my destiny, NOR my journey!


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I am a 32 (soon to be 33) year old virgin and I am content with my life. If there wasn't for my compulsive gambling addiction that lasted for years and years and screwed up my finances badly, I guess I would even say that I am happy.

I don't hate women, nor I ever hated them. After all, I was never rejected by a girl. In fact, I rejected like 10 girls in my "career".

I just came to the terms that I have severe emotional and intellectual limitations that impeded my social life. Having BPD and extreme social anxiety sucks.
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