[BLACKPILL] Chads + Stacies = Fourth Reich


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Historical context:
Back in the 1930s, when the Nationalist Socialists (Nazis) gained power in Germany, their Fuher, Hitler, declared that the beautiful blond blue eyed aryans were the master race:
For Hitler, the ideal "Aryan" was blond, blue-eyed, and tall.
Basically the Chads and Stacies.
Being nationalist socialists, the Nazis raised taxes on the non-master races (basically the incels), and played them against each other by segregating the jews into concentration camps. Regardless, all others were oppressed incels treated as cheap or slave labor to finance the Chads and Stacies. http://tapnewswire.com/2012/02/in-hitlers-germany-income-tax-was-80/
That, in essence, was the Third Reich.

Current society:
Look at all the tall, beautiful celebrity actors, athletes, singers, models, rappers, etc...basically the modern day Chads and Stacies.
Look at how they view hardworking incels/ricecels: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4111038/Steve-Harvey-bursts-laughing-making-bigoted-remarks-Asian-men-unattractive-two-weeks-heads-Philippines-host-Miss-Universe-pageant.html
'Excuse me, do you like Asian men?' he asked the audience, before bowing his head and saying in a clipped accent: 'No. Thank You'
Look at the welfare state: primarily feeding single slut moms who just spread their legs for any Chad that walks by. And look how high taxes are on incels to pay for it. Again incels are treated as cheap labor and cucks to finance the Chads and Stacies.

Have no illusions. The Chads and Stacies are out to establish a Fourth Reich. They are training our children in schools already...and established this bullshit PoundMeToo movement to further it.

Which is why incels have to fight with their vote. We have to get out and vote for politicians who will tax the shit out of these Chads and Stacies by hitting their endorsement contracts, profit sharing from films, ticket proceeds, etc...

We have to stop this Fourth Reich and save the free world!

PS: this is how the term feminazi came into existence.


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Now Joe Biden as US president will declare us a terrorist group on behalf of far left feminazis

The answer to 1984 is 1776!


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Honestly things are only going to get worse for us incels under Biden, despite the fact that he should be a true incel anyway. If it wasn't for his wealth he'd just be another coomer.


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This is actually deeper than you think it is. Yes, the Germanic European is the standard of beauty for all the human race, its just facts. Look up the video where the little kids that are different races all pick the white baby dolls over black ones . I have traced my ancestry, I am 100% Germanic European.


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Yes...which makes the life of the blackcell, currycel or ricecel that much more difficult.

I agree the germanic europeans are the easiest on the eyes, but to elevate those Chads and Stacies to the level we have now through celebrity and publicity engines has essentially created a caste society; democracy ceased to exit since the celebrity concept was realized.

Democracy is more important than Chads and Stacies, and of utmost importance to the survival of incels.

We need to vote out the enforcers of the Chads and Stacies, the Demokkkrats, now, before we all end up incel slaves.


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Bro, and the blame for all this was the white man who created all this, with centuries and centuries of desecrating the world with globalization, and now they cry with the white genocide, but the truth deserves to disappear, (that in reality neither they will even disappear, for obvious reasons), and as for the other races ... even more shit for being a bunch of savages who during history preferred to hate each other, instead of allying themselves to face the expansion of empires Europeans, ah no, but if a lost target fell out there, they put him on a throne and worshiped him as a god, as did the Mayan points with how much Indo-European that fell to their empire (as the Mexican points continue to do now, to whom so much hate) and don't get me wrong, I'm not a sjw. I hate all races equally, white, black, Indian, because between all of them they created a global vicious circle, WHICH IS A SHIT, but ask yourself why did they choose the disgusting brat Greta Tumberg as the visible face of their "environmentalist" movement scammer ?, to drag a bunch of foid brats with her, and multiracial normies with them ....
but you can't express discomfort and dissatisfaction about all this because you have to be "stoic", Bro to keep quiet about all this barbarism is not to be stoic, it is to be a fucking fаg, true styling would be to create a critical mass, and end everyone the traitors of every race who contributed to this dehumanization