Birthday coming up in 10 days and I feel really anxious

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Nothing is going to change once I hit the 18 mark, this is my fate till the end. Strongly doubt anything is going to work out in my favor. I'm a lost cause that is dangerous as well to soyciety.


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Today was the day and only two people outside of my immediate family told me happy birthday...both were bluepilled/redpilled incels that I go to school with. It was another brutal birthday but at least I got through it.


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I’m turning 17 in ten days I really won’t want to have my birthday I hope nobody talks about or my mom tries to bring it up or anybody in my family in general (I don’t have IRL friends really).
At 17 my wanderings around America was JUST about to begin! After I finally got fed up with the insanity of living in my mothers attic and dealing with retards! One day I just had enough! A strange time(1987)..