Biological or societal


Things like sexual selection are based on finding a partner for mating purposes. Things like sexual urges are largely biological.

However different cultures have different processes for relationships, dating and sex. Same with religious beliefs. For example some reframe from sex before marriage, some don’t believe in birth control, some arrange dating, and partners. Some don’t believe in sexual diversity such as LGBTQ stuff.

So how much of dating, relationships and sex is biological and how much is learnt behaviour? That we learn from society.


Malicious Wraith
Some points I can think of which are from the society or biological.

1. Hypergamy is a learned behavior. In socialist nations class prejudice did not exist and marriages between academics and blue collar people were common.
2. The attraction to looks is biological and not in the eye of the beholder as some idealists claim.
3. Promiscuity and Adultery are learned behaviors as well and not inherently biological.
4. Mating based on the selection of the healthiest and fittest mate is biological in my opinion.


Incels.Net Master
I can vouch for 3. In my youth when I'd have a crush, I'd fantasize about loyal fantasies about oneitus, her being the one and only, my true love that she would be all I need, that I would never cheat and always treat her as number one in my life.

Over the years I learned women had no appreciation for my loyalty, they viewed my love as "creepy", and the life they desired was nothing more than to be pumped and dumped and treated like trash by and endless supply of heartless chad assholes.