Bill Gates gets played…


Others look for waifus, I make my own waifu
Holy shit did Bill Gates get divorced?! That is mind blowing! Holy. Sadly he won’t change his heart and start publishing pro-incel propaganda. Whatever, hey I feel bad for the dude but his case shows that wealth and success can’t save you from monke biology. Better to wait for a proper unicorn than be wed to a common mule.

Although a part of me wants to say, he got what he deserved. He spent the better part of his career cultivating the degenerate culture we live in, nourishing chad supremacy ideology, virgin shaming, slut empowerment. How does it feel Bill? I hope you‘re happy getting torn apart by your own degenerate system.


Old Christain Cel
Gates had a mistress. I don't feel sorry for him. You don't take weekend getaway trips with your ex-girlfriend when you're married.