Biden's vaccination photo op


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Isn't that sweet? It's a good thing her hair's so.......festive. Otherwise some people might not be able to tell she's not white, and that just wouldn't be wholesome.


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Really though, she looks like she's wearing a dog on her head. I hate to be racist but come on. Tell me she wasn't hand picked for being the most typical she-boon looking doctor on hand. With them ghetto oversized earrings and all. No, it was completely random.


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I was thinking just that when I saw the image and before I even read your comment. You know that black doctors make up only 5% of all doctors, the least of any raсe? There is a good chance she isn't even an American black because 18% of black doctors are foreign-born. To be fair the image says he took the shot at a Newark hospital and Newark is majority black, but I'm sure a black female doctor was a deliberate choice considering his obsession with identity politics in an effort to keep progressive democrats on his side.


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Bet they picked her, wonder why tho....? Glad i dont live in trash filled Murica, wouldnt let some Nіgger hole come near me tho so im safe.