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I recently learned that my brother is an incel and have little understanding of the concept. He has always had bad luck with women due to his poor social skills and has recently turned to blaming women as a group for his predicament. I don’t trust news outlets for info on this group and would rather ask the community; how can I be supportive and help him with getting a girlfriend despite our political disconnect?


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Incels are those for who it's over. By design, OK? You will hardly get legitimate advice here. Go to those bluepilled FAs (Forever Alone), they will tell you what you want to hear.

Here I'll tell you that if he has to try, he isn't Chad, so it already is pretty much over for him in terms of a healthy romantic life thanks to today's female humans' standards. In case his refined approaches fail, it's over for the rest of his life, because all females like same things in men (Chad features), and now there are females at work, at hospital, at college, at stores, everywhere, and they all will mistreat him, whether he approaches or not, as effectively all of them are primeval NPC with sex-centered outlook. Thank cucks who are afraid to lock their le wifeys up in kitchens where they belong.
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