Beginning to get it.


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I have a few girls im "friends" with on FB. None of them are really close, mainly acquaintances through other friends or a group I volunteer for. Yesterday one of them posted her wedding pictures, they were at the courthouse and he is currently in jail! He was in a jumpsuit and shackled but she was beaming with excitement. Never mind the times when we interacted with each other and I was nice and kind and then being told she was happy just being friends and didn't want to ruin anything by going out. It's obvious that no matter what women are always going to go for the Alphas, Bad Guys, Rich Guys, Buff Guys. Chads...I may have come here and been a blue pill, but after reading some older posts I am beginning to understand the black pill more clearly.


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Side note, jail is stigmatized and I believe people with a record should be allowed employment and romance just as everyone else, both for fairness and reducing redicivism.

Also yes it seems women are genuinely repulsed by nice guys btw.