Basically if you're coping it's already over for You


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If you only find distraction and temporary pleasure in coping mechanisms I'm free to say you we're predistined to inceldom from the very beggining. Normies don't cope. People in relationships don't cope. They just live. If you must distract yourself with games, alcohol or other ѕhit to feel better for a while its over. No it's not over. It Actually never fuсking began at the first point
Your brain is already retаrded and its trying to delay the goddamn self destruct process because of your genetic dead endism


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Now I can't find distractions and temporary pleasures even in coping mechanisms.


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Too depressed to cope. Just want to kill myself but suіcіdes dont go to heaven. Gonna hang out in black areas to increase my chances of being murdered.


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No it's not over. It Actually never fuсking began at the first point
Ah yes, that's some good sense you're talking. Certainly plenty of copes when you're fully immersed into the reality of the situation. I'm sure everyone here has them.


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You enjoy copes more when you are bluepilled when you are blackpilled its very difficult but is better try than being dead i guess