Based video exposing chads and stacys hypocrisy about Afghanistan


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The first is a typical insensitive feminazi, she says: '' I can't stop thinking about women, girls and children of Afghanistan '', but she seems to care little and nothing about the men who had to risk their lives on the battlefield, And by the way, all of them, what are they lamenting? That in that country after 40 years of war, there is finally peace? Oppression towards women? Which one? That of being able to sleep a decent night without fear of being hit by a bomb? Or of being able to be calm knowing that her son will not be sent to the battlefield? That oppression?


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Roasties be like:
"Oh no! Afghan women can no longer dress sexy in public and act like whores, that's not fair! Hey men, you need to go fight those bad Taliban guys and save those women!"