Based senatorcels to ban abortion in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio


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In several US states' Senates folks have proposed laws to protect future generations from the cock-carousel degeneracy and sub-Chad holocaust.

SJW are already freaking out at an attempt to even make responsibility for chasing Chad and whoring around a concept, but I suggest we keep fingers crossed for the real defenders of life and justice.

Make females accountable again.
Too bad short-term it will only mean even more wagecel taxation on single mothers. Incels can't win. Anyway, feminazist society demolition will take decades to repair. These bills aren't much, but it's honest work. Honk honk.


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degenerate foids will probably protest this by their typical stupid shenanigans: exposing tits/writing proud slut on their bodies/wearing clit hats/etc.


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That's good, now femoids are less privileged for not being able to terminate life and NPCs angered.