Bad Advice 2


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Why the fuсk is everybodies first instinct to convince me that I don't need a relationship and I should just be alone. They keep telling me that I shouldn't feel lonely and that I shouldn't feel like I need a relationship. Ok I guess I'm not a mammal. Imagine seeing someone asking for advice on how to achieve a goal of theirs and being like "nah dude you shouldn't do it. Shouldn't force it bro. Stop trying it'll happens if it happens. Y'know that thing that everyone needs in their life? Nah bro you don't need it." Meanwhile they're in and out of relationships constantly. Why don't normies want us to experience the same love and pleasure they get?


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Cause I think SUBCONCIOUSLY they realize some of us are a lost cause, and yet they literally dont know what else to say! Kinda like how everyone keeps saying "its gonna be ok"... It almost NEVER is ok! But folks dont want to say the truth, if its BLEAK!! In the future, I can just see the average normie looking out at the distance on a nuclear missile coming down, and turning to whoever they are with and saying "dont worry, its gonna be ok"..... I think its basically the same thing you are hearing.. :!: