autistic foid ropes cause no chad during quarantine


Saint Picassocel
Sorry, but this is just too fuсking funny. Like this is a real joke, one that gave me a true giggle and a few guffaws. I can not comprehend a single thing I’ve seen in the past week that is more amusing than this. This is a pun unlike any other. How can anyone judge me for laughing at such monkeyshines?


Saint Picassocel
I mean really, this Stacy couldn’t handle whats been so far a week or two of isolation lite, where she likely has a bunch of friends she can teehee with online, and an endless supply of orbiters. JFFLOOOOOL, I literally cannot think of anything funnier than this, screenshot me I dare you IT, this is literally pathetic.



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Reformedcel said:
This is so pathetic that I can’t even bring myself to laugh.
I swear if normalfags had to livee a week of our existence they would lose their actual ѕhit. They would not be able to take it. They would have died as children.
I just still think it’s pathetic, even by normie standards.


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i don't condone suіcіde or any sense of that nature, but my god a normie, especially a foid. just having a taste of seclusion, a taste of isolation and yet couldn't fuсking handle it. an absolute pathetic display.
Same, I don’t encourage suіcіde and I don’t wanna sound like a gatekeeper but fuck, I’m lonely the majority of the time, without the virus and not out of choice, my rank title says it all, yet I still haven’t killed myself.


Rhodes Island
25 years of isolation and never crossed my mind killing myself.

It just shows how normies and especially women are mentally weak, and can't handle some few days of isolation, they need their constant influx of attention and validation from others. They are pathetic. The type of people who end up dying first if ѕhit hit the fans.