Author wants to sterilize her autistic son.


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Apathycel said:
I don’t see what’s wrong with having autism.
Being born with that condition is a curse. In its mildest forms it equals social death and irritability, and in its worst forms it's a lifelong disability.
This right here, anybody who says they wouldn’t want to be become NT given the chance is coping to the max. Autism is a terminal illness considering the average lifespan of those who suffer from it like myself (50)

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They already started sterilization. I get the video narrator's theory that they will soon do it on incels. But testosterone is in a massive decline throughout the years because of the food we consume. There's too much estrogen. Now, if it's just an effect it's forgivable. But the theory is that it can be deliberate. Women or some globalist order intentionally performed eugenics and tampered men's genetics in order to make us more feminine for their stupid cause.

The other one is women's supremacy. Turn men into women to help the cause of women. Transform men into women so that they can join sports and break records for us. Make men submit more to women.


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Did you forget? Autism is only acceptable when women pretend to have it to virtue signal on social media.

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Someone should strap her down in a chair and sterilize her retаrded ass instead, it's her fault for bringing an autismo in the world in the first place. Stupid ass c*nt.