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The idea of attraction in my opinion is a result of culture and biology. We can see different representation based on the time and the place. For example the idea of beauty in Ancient China was light skinned women. This is why you would see so many women cake their face in white powder. In Japan the idea of an attractive girl is someone who looks young and innocent, thus the innocent looking child. I am a bit unsure about the ideas of America, but it seems most women are considered attractive if they have are tall and slender. I also say attraction is biology because it is the way we are meant to reproduce. Going back thousands or million of years ago we can see that our ancestors appear to be very different. They are more apelike than today. Evolution over the course of several thousand or million of years has gradually shifted our idea of beauty. While our ancestors would be attracted to people who resembles an ape, we would be appalled at the idea of being with an individual with such features. Through evolution our taste has also become a lot more sophisticated. Instead of just basing the entire things on looks we also base it on intelligence or personality which is the reason as to why it would be hard for a raging alcoholic or a person with mental disability has difficulty in finding a partner.


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Anthropologycels' findings show that females have always wanted Chad.

Also why female examples? All of them can find a partner no matter what.


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Male attraction to women is genetic. Wholesome, natural, humble.

Female attraction to males is imagined, learned, cultural, demonic, impure, artificial, narcissistic.
There are actually two types of narcissism. Natural narcissism is wholesome, pure, like imagining you are a superhero with powers, wanting to do good. I was referring to the toxic type of narcissism. Women seem to have no awareness of heroic Elon Musk narcissism is actually good, and like to focus on their own type of narcissism, toxic narcissism. Women like to demonize males because of this. Matriarchal dominance forbids any discussion of positive Elon Musk narcissism, the sole focus is on their toxic Chad exes and how toxic males are, therefore narcissism is "le evil" due to toxic chads, males should be emotional betemale feminists instead of le prideful narcissists. Women's only dating experience is with toxic narcissist Chads, so they instantly assume all narcissism is le toxic wife-beater Chads. They mistakenly assume soyboy psychology is Chad psychology, and mistakenly assume Eliot Rodger would have been a wife-beater, given the chance at a relationship. I wholeheartedly believe Eliot Rodger would have killed zero people if he had a girlfriend, ER's do not have chad psychology and its a mistake to assume they do.

Chad's are living a lie, a fictional Chad persona, deep down they hate themselves and they are just a body walking around, interacting with the world like a characacture, not an actual character. Chads can never focus in school despite the endless sex they receive, they are not happy and that is why they are so abusive.

Males tend to be less racist than females. Males will lust for any race, females will have a certain genetic "type". This is due to her sexuality being learned and instructed by culture.

When Hitler escaped Nazi germany, he moved to South America and married a black woman. This is living proof that male attraction to women is genetic, not based on cultural upbringing.

Scientists did a study, showing women nudes of women and men. The brain scans and biological scans indicated women were sexually aroused by mostly naked women. They also had arousal for males, but only the elite chads of males. Most of the males, more than 80%, they had either no arousal for or disgust.

Interestingly, many of the women denied being lesbians, despite the brains and body scans saying they were lesbians. This is the female talent to deny reality with words, world of words. This is why feminist school of thought denies obvious racial differences, and calls everyone a Nazi if they disagree with what is obvious. I'm not a Nazi, there are some blacks and jews I like, I don't hate all jews.
I am reminded of that talk show TYT (The Young Turks) where the female host says she wants a Mr. Perfect, and is not a lesbian, but cannot stand the sight of penis and hates penis. Complete lunacy.

What is obvious is that if females had genuine sexual attraction for males, males would have sexual power. Males have none. (except for chad of course.)

Saying "just be confident bro", get money, and make jokes, is the exact opposite of sexual power. Its like saying you have no sexual value and have to substitute it with value elsewhere to distract her with salesmanship, to convince her to buy a product she doesn't want. Lunacy if you see it otherwise. Imagine a salesman having to pay people money to buy their products, then bragging to the world about how proud they are and how much value their product has.