At wich age you discovered women are the privileged gender?


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I was probably 9. During grade school, this dumb broad named Kelsy (I'll never forget it) spit on me. We had a bin in our classroom full of all the balls we could take out for recess. I went to grab this foam volleyball, and unbeknownst to me, this was the ball that Kelsy regularly played with. So, since I took her ball she spits on the back of my neck and didn't get in trouble for it. Ever since then I have regularly seen women abuse the fact that they have a vagina in even worse ways.


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As a kid. My sisters would beat me or spit at me when we had an argument and then started crying and laughing at me behind my mom's back when she scolded ME and forbade me to watch my favorie TV shows at that time.


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i think i always knew they were subconsciously since i can remember. i really started to realize it hard in the last couple of years with everything that's been going on in the news.


When I was a little child, maybe seven or eight years old, I first began to notice that women often receive preferential treatment. I noticed quite early on that women were portrayed as manipulative, scheming, backstabbing vipers in movies and television, and that has proven to be quite accurate! I have looked down on most women ever since. I have met some women who are good, likeable people, but I all of them are over the age of 40, most of them are over the age of 60, many of them are my relatives and I most certainly don't view any of them romantically or sexually.

I don't understand why some men worship women. It's truly infuriating and wrong.


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Very early actually, but i was in my naivety concerning their nature or the world for that matter.
I was "innocent" about everything.
Until later...
I started to realize the load of crap that was happening.
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It was a gradual realization for me. On some level, I knew it all along and had various levels of basedness. I’d swallow bluepills whenever foids and cucks would screech and provide anecdotes, but I always leaned towards red. Eventually, cucktears and their incessant promotion on Reddit’s front page got the best of me, so I swallowed the black pill once I saw it on braincels. But in terms of my life as a whole, I always was upset that hoes could get away with the ѕhit they do because of how cucked everyone is.


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From an early age


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i discovered it when i was around 10 years old, when a female classmate wich was 15 inches taller than me and 66 pounds heavier than me hit me, but when i dared to hit her back, everyone taged me as a coward and i was nearly sent to the principal office. At that same age, i saw too how the teachers were less strict with women than with men, for example, when men said bad words(like the word "stupid") they were sent to the principal office, but if women did the same they were only scolded in a very light way. So, at wich age you discovered women are the privileged gender?
I think I was in Kindergarten when I started to notice this.
The teacher I had I think treated the boys like broken women. It became more apparent in high school that men were to do the bidding of women. We were always to serve them.

But not my sister. My parents had the wisdom to treat us all equally and she’s awesome and married to a great guy.


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at the age of 13. I used to chadfish and get nudes from girls , the more I interacted the more i grew to hate them.



I've studied in a catholic school so whenever there is a problem we were usually separated by gender and males are usually treated with more suspicion than females like they're allowed to leave early and we are left behind for more search/inspections.