At wich age you discovered women are the privileged gender?


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I would say it depends: women tend to be more sexually bullied and an isolated mother can have a hard life. After, a beautiful young woman with a phd has probably an easier life than a man which lives in the streets.


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Statistically they are not. But every circumstance presents different challenges and gives different people privileges which contradict or reinforce those statistics. Life in a nutshell. But stop using women as an easy scapegoat for life's complexity and inexplicity. Whatever your personal experiences, the answer for your problems is not that simple and you probably already know that.


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Around 11 In school i always heard i need to open doors for my girl classmates, help them when they dont know something etc. But when i didn't knew something, that meant that im stupid and i don't keep attentnion at lessons

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Statistically they are not. But every circumstance presents different challenges and gives different people privileges which contradict or reinforce those statistics. Life in a nutshell. But stop using women as an easy scapegoat for life's complexity and inexplicity. Whatever your personal experiences, the answer for your problems is not that simple and you probably already know that.
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question was when you discovered women are the privileged gender: WICH THEY ARE


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Jamesothy said:
Everythingcel said:
Right after I was born when part of my willy was cut off.
I hope that's not true.
its still widespread practice, but is not genital mutilation cause it just affects huh huh MALES
Oh I get it, lol. He was circumcised. Me too. I was thinking he had a botched circumcision or something. I feel stupid.

Anyways, if you ask me, there's a huge difference between circumcision and cutting out a girl's clit. The scientific consensus seems to be pretty clear. A girl getting her clit cut out completely destroys her ability to get off sexually. But a man getting his foreskin removed only loses a small piece of skin with less sensitivity than the tissue that's under it. It only increases his ability to have sexual pleasure. My was removed long before I can remember, but there's a lot of men that have had it done after puberty who've said that the procedure only increases sensitivity during sex.

If God ever blesses me with a son one day he'll be getting part of his willy cut off as well.


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The problem with this society is that it has become so brainwashed by feminism, that women became untouchable.
I started to discover the truth of feminism and the priveleges it brought upon women when I was 14.


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Back in elementary school. At first had a crush on this one girl. She ended up hanging out with a bad crowd as the months progressed. There was times when her and her female friends would bully me on the playground. Her and her best friend enjoyed sneaking up to me and kicking me in the sac. Teachers wouldn't do anything had tried going to the male principal. Only to have him talk to her then send her back to class. But the torment continued past that. Unless a teacher seen it, they would believe her and her friends the entire time. Sometimes they would report that I was cussing when I wasn't. Teacher never heard a word but because numbers matter and she had her friends back her up. I got sent to the principals office only to get the paddle.
Another year in my 3rd grade class. Teacher had a system were each bad thing or grade you get. You would get a dot next to your name. At the end of the week on friday those with less then 2 got to have extra recess for last period would be on the playground. Two girls swear up and down that I had erased my dots when I only had 1. They lied said I had 3. Teacher believed them and gave me 4 instead. Got sent to the office again and got paddled.
Fast forward to today and you can see it even more now. Had two female coworkers find out that I had a crush on another coworker. They wanted me to ask the girl out. I had told them to let me loose some weight and get in shape first. Instead they ignored that and started telling the girl stuff that I never even said. Ended up having my manager call me in the office to talk about it. He said they claimed I was telling everyone that me and the girl were going out. Apparently alot more stuff that he didn't want to tell me what they had said. But it warranted enough for him to talk to me about. Had explained my side and what I had told the two girls. After that was told to avoid them. Almost lost my job and some how these days we are told to believe women? Seriously? Learn from this, don't let coworkers know of any work related crushes. One of the same girls had tried pulling that stunt again. Wanting me to hook up with a friend of hers thats a single mom. I wasn't interested and told her that. Afterwards I immediately let my supervisor know the situation before it got out of control.
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Probably 14 or 15 when i got my first job. Foids got to scoop ice cream and sit in air conditioning and I got to clean bathrooms and stock shelves.


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Hmmm probably sometime in elementary school I remember some fat short art teacher going off about muh feminism that certainly pissed me off.


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Early teens, at least for me.

I realized after chicks were always treated as gods when they were bullied or hurt, everyone always gathering around to try and help (be it social media AND in person. always worshipping them.)

Then men, especially the ones that aren't cocky chads, are told to just suck it up and shit! We aren't given the same love or care because femoids are privileged from birth.
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Not sure. But as the eldest of my siblings, probably earlier. I always do chores and not my younger sister, especially when if the chores need going out of the house or some extreme work. I have to look after grandma to the hospital because I'm the man while my sister is the woman. Something to do with lifting the wheelchair and my grandma so my sister can't do those things. She can only party.

Then at school. It's even worse if everyone is almost girls. They pick on you to do something. Girls will ask you favors and they are used to receiving them. In fact, entitled. Accompany this girl here and there.
Offer a girl a seat or be shamed in publicly. *There was this video viral here in my country where a girl posted a guy who was asleep in the subway. She captured his face to shame him publicly for not offering women a seat...
Another was when a woman accused a man of sexually harassing her without knowing there was a CCTV. The man was beaten up. Later, CCTVs showed she was not touched.
That there is the moment I know women have a lot of privileges.

I've always had a belief women are the privileged gender since I was young. But it is only now, at 27, where I'm starting to accept the horrible truth.
I realized it when I was 16 after been accused at college of sexual assault and wasn't even allowed to know the identity of my accusers due to college protection rules. College immediately believed the lies and tried to get me kicked out but I still had my bus tickets as proof and shoved it where it belonged.
but yes, women are entitled and know nothing of real oppression or hardship.
we now worship the slut as a God alongside money.


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Depends on the culture or society. In a market driven by men, men are the ones who shape such behavior. I wish yall would wake up and be aware of the shit you men can shape. Step into the reality.


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I got a sense of it when I went into high school. I saw how they just displayed any level of attention and got whatever they wanted. For guys, they used them (including myself at the time) are anything from food, car rides, help with work, etc. For professors, they used their beauty to guilt them into giving them better grades. In the workplace, I saw it occur at every job I went to.

When I was a janitor between 16-23, I had my hours cut because the single mom with 2 kids needed extra work to pay bills meanwhile while my hours were cut in half, I had to do the manual labor of lifting/moving furniture, buffing the floors, construction work etc. In my last career field of 6 years (before recently getting fired), I was accused each year of some false sexual allegation scandal.

Sometimes it wasn't even the person involved that accused me - other women would make accusations and despite the person I supposedly had sexual misconduct with denying it. I look around and see privilege everywhere now and it makes me sick. Being 27 now, I dont see it really changing unless the culture changes.

For men willing to continue the pursuit, they need to really step it up and not give into women so easily...thats how change will occur but Im not very hopeful for the few that are left.


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At about 8 years old when my cunt sister decided to flash the neighbor boy and I’m the one who got my ass beat by my parents because “she’s a girl and you should’ve protected her from that.” From that point on she’d do things intentionally to piss me off and if I so much as yelled at her she’d go crying to my mom and make up some story that I pushed her or threatened her. I’d end up getting my ass beaten because my parents never believed me. After all, I was a boy and she was a girl.

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i discovered it when i was around 10 years old, when a female classmate wich was 15 inches taller than me and 66 pounds heavier than me hit me, but when i dared to hit her back, everyone taged me as a coward and i was nearly sent to the principal office. At that same age, i saw too how the teachers were less strict with women than with men, for example, when men said bad words(like the word "stupid") they were sent to the principal office, but if women did the same they were only scolded in a very light way. So, at wich age you discovered women are the privileged gender?
When I was 6-10 years old based on how badly my mom treats me and how she's constantly bullshitting on cucked media.