Are you guys poorcel?

How many of you are poorcel?

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I am lower class in my country but being lower class in this country is probably the equivalent of being middle class in poor countries. I also live in fathers Middle class house so I will always technically live a middle class lifestyle.


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Yes, I am 32, working for 450EUR/month. For the past 6 months, since I moved from my parents house, I am living alone and renting apartment for 140EUR+40EUR bills, so can guess I barely survive. Though keep in mind that average monthly salary here is ~350-400EUR.

fuсking Serbia man. At the same time I love and hate my country so much.


I guess I'm a vol-poorcel. I refuse to work, even if it means that I have to be poor and live in crappy urban Nіgger blocks where the drinking water is replaced with toxic waste. Though, I couldn't hold down a job even if I wanted to.


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I am 31 white and live with my parents. I have no car or social guarantees. My latest paychecks are $650 per month.
To rent an apartment in Minsk I need to spend at least $300 + $50 bills per month. So, yeah... I keep living with my parents.
My 30yo+ friends with girlfriends have savings and earnings which are equivalent to maybe $1000+ monthly wage and more. Despite that two of them are actually living in apartments of their girlfriends...
Being europoor is complicated.


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How do you define poorcel? I have a mortgage so I owe more than I have but I still earn a decent amount more than the average man and I have saved/invested tens of thousands as well.

I don't see myself as poorcel and I am better off financially than many men I know (not because they all earn less than me, but because too many of them piss away all their money instead of paying off loans quickly and saving/investing). But I am not wealthy by any means either.

All that said, I wouldn't feel bad about being poorcel if you are a truecel. Had I known 30 years ago what I know now, I wouldn't have worked nearly as hard to get where I am. I would have focused less on becoming good husband material and focused more on getting what little pleasure I could out of life..... Experimenting with drugs, playing Vidya, working as little as possible, getting drunk, ect. I think I would have been happier doing that in a one room apartment than I am having to be a professional then going home to an empty house that will never be filled with a family.


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^Sounds like you shouldn't have issues getting betabuxxed by some hot fem at this point.
Yet I absolutely do. I have had a few women approach me or find me online and flat out ask me for money, then screech and shame me and call me a misogynist pig when I tell them no. But I have never had a woman who was willing to be with me in exchange for me playing provider, and certainly never met one that wanted a relationship with me.

Like I said, every single man in our office, and every single non-Chad engineer I know is in the same boat and will tell you exactly what I have said. Not all of them have made as much of an effort to be social as I have so they haven't all dealt with as much begging or e-panhandling from worthless foids, but otherwise it's the same story from different authors.

Unless you are very wealthy, the days of betabuxxing seem to be coming to an end. Women are no longer ashamed to make a career out of whoring for Chad and collecting gibmes from the resulting bastards, so STEMcels like us serve no purpose aside from getting our wallets rаped by the taxman.

That's what pisses me off so much about the modern world; foids get all the security and benefits of a marriage for free. Men like me pay the price but see absolutely no benefit to it whatsoever. In the broadest sense of the word, this can literally be defined as rаpe (аpe), but calling it what it is just gets you mocked and ridiculed.
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nowadays in order to betabux you have to earn 3 times more than a womanoid


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Yes, im not starving to death but I live in a shitty flat and could never afford to buy a house even if I wagecucked all my life.

The annoying thing is my great granparents were rich and owned several factories before ww2 so if my family didn't lose their wealth in the war I could moneymaxx.


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If I was still a poorcel I'd probably have more suіcіde attempts. I don't see myself apart of any class. I get a fair amount of money for free and live a life of leisure. I have enough for the gym and occasional massage while keeping up with new tech indoors.