Are you a neet?


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I have been a neet for about three years now
I left college
Can't find a job and Don't have any savings


Except for a short period as a freelancer translator/proofreader in my early 20s, I've been unemployed ever since I turned 18 (I only had a few short-term jobs when I was 16 and 17), and I've been fully NEET for three years now, since the end of college.


No girl to send couple memes to
I work and study well, but I no longer have goals for the future or aspirations.

I wanted a gaming PC. Now I have it. I want to update it, which I will do. I want to visit St.Petersburg. Obviously, since I'm here, I want to find inner peace and a gf and I am very upset that the last one will never happen.