Are there less ugly women these days?


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I don't mean ugly as in a landwhale or acne or anything that could feasibly be solved with self control, makeup or a razor.
I mean women born cursed genetically like incels. Say they've got a large square chin (which has a very negative effect on the overall attractiveness of a woman) or a weirdly shaped head or something along those lines.

I'm talking full on female equivalence of Sgt. BlackOps2Cel.

Is it just me or are there absolutely no such females around? My perspective of this might be skewed because I live out in a rural area, mainly because I despise big cities. To me they're the the epitome of misery, foul steaming cesspools of the worst humanity has to offer packed so closely together that it's impossible to avoid any of it. I'm sure there's probably hideous freakshows walking around city sidewalks the likes of which I could only imagine, but I really couldn't say because I don't know.

It's ironic I would assume that, considering how one of the biggest stereotypes of the south is that all southern women are butt ugly redneck farm girls with buck teeth and deformities due to incest, yet I've never seen such women here in my entire life. Even back in highschool the ugliest girls in school were at worst 5/10 low tier beckies.

I end up out in public on a surprisingly regular basis for someone who generally hates people, usually at grocery stores and gas stations. Two locations said to be the alltime hotspots for encountering ghoulish creatures, yet I've still never seen anything worse than a few guys about as ugly as myself. Certainly no women of such low-tier looks.

Here's my theory. Back in the 1950's the social pressure put upon both men and women of westernized society was to find someone, get married and stay married. Having unmarried sex at all was unheard of, one man or woman having sex with hundreds of different partners a week, unfathomable! This resulted in many ugly men getting more attractive women and vice versa. Naturally over the years the attractive women got fed up with settling for inferior men, so they created feminism to """""""liberate""""""" themselves in order to make it socially acceptable to bang as many chads as they wanted. The ugly women however, who couldn't be sIuts if they wanted to in this new """""empowered""""" America, couldn't spread their ugly female genes to a new generation. So as a result all ugly female genes began systematically fading from the collective gene pool of society, while ugly male genes lived on through betabuxxers, rapists, hollywood producers, interracial couples, etc.

So now we've got a society of mostly attractive females, some of which ruin their genetic gifts with overeating or poor personal hygiene, but most are either born gorgeous or at the very least passable.

That's just my theory though.
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I think there have always been few of them in terms of male attraction.

If you take a look at r/truerateme, females always rage at being "underrated". Assuming PSL method legitimacy, it would make sense that IRL scores in females and males are higher and lower respectively, since females only want Chad, but the majority of men doesn't go for Stacy only.


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I have never seen a woman as ugly as blackops2cel. I don't think its possible. The only way they can get that ugly is by being landwhales, and even then, there will be 100 guys going after the pigwomen.