Anyone wanna write short stories?


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Hey was thinking about getting into writing. I’ve been very interested in reading books like Brave New World, Orwell’s classics, Dostoevsky etc and thought I’d get into writing.

If anyone else writes, would anyone want to correspond over some short stories or poems, something like that. Could critique each other’s work and stuff and set each other deadlines etc. Reply here or dm me.


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Over the years, I've had so many ideas for books. I've started writing a story about a 12-year-old prostіtute who falls in love with a 50-year-old truck driver but I've put the project on hold. It's been on hold for over a year. We haven't had anything like that since Nabokov wrote Lolita. It's like no one wants to hear the male side of the story. If I ever finish this book, I'll try to publish it on the market even if it means I have to dox myself.