Anyone under the age of 25 is a CHILD and shoudln’t be sexualized


Vivamus Moriendum Est

yeah. if i was chad enough to fuck this chicks, i would probaly been send to jail, after hey lied their age, all because i don't magical ability of guessing ages


Insanity pilled

rev van mev

Under 25 is a child? I don't give a fuck about the issues of this era and i don;t give a fuck about the fuсking idiots of this era who make these claims and push these shrieking pigfrog fist fuck dumbshit useless policies. When in the fuck will these retards just fuck the holy fuсking fucketty fuck off and VANISH already????

Saint Mentalcel

ERmaxxing with Saint Rodger
I will still fuck a 15 or 16 year old if I got the chance, fuck what soyciety says. I am not going to fuck a Chadwrecked middle aged roastie looking for betas to leech off on and support their bastard children, whoever does that should never have left their dad's ballsack. Hell, I'd probably disown my son if he turned out to be some bitch's slave willingly. Men should be raised to be men and act like men, not fuсking cowards who's intimidated by a foid dog who couldn't even lift a dumbbell if she tried tearing her arm tissue in the process. The majority of the male raсe needs to wake the fuck up and stop being a weak bitch's lapdog, it only makes the rest of us look bad. No wonder these foids are on such an ego trip.