Anyone here used to like Peterson?

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Incels.Net Master
Jordan Peterson is a complete meme
He always preaches about muh individualism, how you must take personal responsibility (even though we can't control most of our problems), etc.
The biggest problem of our time is extreme individualism and selfishness
Look at where individualism got Peterson:
-a wh*re daughter
-addicted to meds and suicidal
-doesn't clean his room (lol)
It's just sad, honestly.


Never liked him. He's a highly punchable conservative pseudo-intellectual, he's basically just a meme and his supporters seem to be exclusively underaged.


lolicon, transager and anti aoc advocate
He's just another preacher who likes to tell you what you should do with your life when he can't even control his. I think guys like Michel Houellebecq have done more in the fight for freedom of speech than Peterson has. Alain Finkiellkraut is another guy who has also done a lot. I don't think the anglo world has anyone on par with Michel and Alain. I don't like Peterson or Molyneux ( failed actor with a degree in history lmfao).