Anyone feel wierd if they leave the house for too long?


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I feel fine if i just go out for a while like to the store or to ride a bike for 20 min but if I stay outside for hours and especially if I travel by public transport I feel so sad and empty the worst is if I wake up early in the morning and come back late when I go to college it makes me so depressed for some reason. Anyone else experience something similar when going outside?


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I hate going out and seeing humanoids. Sometimes I go for a walk in the woods but they are everywhere.


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I also feel weird and sometimes difficult when going outside like seeing chads with bmws and foids .I feel like I am an alien emotionless robot came to this planet for a visit.some foids openly express their disgust by being sarcastic.Like turning their headaway so fast like that saw some ѕhit.I think they got some fuel from that becausse who they see us they are sort of getting a superiority complex related high.I am short and not to talk like 5'10 so also I don't have a nice face and my physical build is similar to that of a depressed alcoholic.Like my posture is very bad and my chest is so less as compared to my hips giving me a bad overall physical look.together with that my hands are so small and not so strong and my belly is ѕhit from years of junk food eating.and my face is like it is filled with fat oil.and nobody likes to talk to me or start-up a I felt so alienated in crowds unless I am on benzos or alcohol..