Anyone else feel bad for the way incels are treated


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-First people HATE on you for complaining, but whenever a woman complains about not having access to Chad,men or dating in general she gets no rebuttal. ex.- My woman I know made an online dating account and called many of her "matches" and people who message her "retаrded" and implied that they are not worthy of her. She is $150,000+ salary , Chad only. She bitches about men not meeting her "standards" and 9/10 millionaire Chads not dating her. When people hear her complain they sympathize with her. If an incel complains they get a horde of feminiѕt men and white nights attacking them.

-Then women call you "creepy," are rude to you, reject you and show it off how they rejected you to their friends. I work as an Accountant , and work next to the Marketing department. There were some ugly, fat women who showed off how they rejected men at bars but got them to buy drinks for them.

-Then you have dating standards getting even tougher. Online dating, mask mandates, social distancing rules/laws etc. all make it harder on average and less attractive men.

-Finally, you have the giant horde of feminiѕt, man hating, white knights. Most of them are 30+ year old unmarried, childless men who look for incel posts because they have too much time on their hands. They attack incels to cope.
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Just like within most of mammal species that are not used on solitary life, but are social (like humans are).

All females get to reproduce, but not all males manage that. If you take a look at how those male mammals are treated, you can easily draw a parallel line between them and incels. Abandoned, look down on, neglected, humiliated. Hence, the answer to your question lies in archetypal instinct humans have. Just a theory I came up with at first glance though. Not like I thought of that minutely :D