anyone an ICEcel?


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So for the past 2 years I've been addicted to this guy "Ice Poseidon" on youtube. He used to be a twitch streamer, but he got banned for some swatting shit. Anyways I have lived my life through him. I am from the east coast, but I wake up the time he goes live, and sleep when he does. When he gets a gf, i act as if its my gf. Notable last year, he had a good run. He did these rv trips where he streamed the entire thing.

I was glued to it. It felt like i got friends for the first time. I can't explain the feeling, it was like I myself was going on an RV trip with my friends.

There was this girl Cassandra, and I fell in love with her. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, she was from a rich family, and wore expensive clothes. There was this guy EBZ, a literal personification of a CHIMP. He is 40 but still tries to make it in the rap world. However he doesn't see himself as typical negro, he talks like a colonial viceroy. There was a manic Hampton a mentally ill pretty boy from hollywood blvd. And of course the heterosexual chad, someone who can attract woman based on their emotional appeal, Sam Pepper.

Anyways, I felt like these were my friends, and I was Ice Poseidon, aka Paul Denino, going on a RV trip. I watched it non stop for 5 days that it lasted. Slept maybe 10 hours total.

Since then I have attached my emotions to the ups and downs of Ice Poseidon. When he feels down, I feel down.

Recently his career has come to a halt. He no longer pulls the 40k+ live audience, and only averages 3k. He is the laughing stock of other popular streamers, and I feel like a total failure as well. I feel like I am the laughing stock , and that I am on the edge of loosing all my fans.

Anyone else in a similar position? Anyone else an Icecel?


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i am familiar with ice poseidon. i watched a lot of his streams during the rv trips and just like you said, it felt like i was vicariously living through him. i stopped watching afterwards but it really felt like i had a lot of friends, etc.