Any Guitarcels in here?


Is it over? No, it never even began.
I own a guitar, I know the basics but I can't effectively play anything because my fingers are so stiff. I haven't touched it for years.
I see, I gave up once because my fingers were short but after a while I played everyday and got pretty good with it.


сука блять
vanSavage said:
I wish I could learn anything in this fuсking life
:incel: You’ll never know if you don’t try eh..
It's over.
vanSavage said:
:incel: You’ll never know if you don’t try eh..
easy to say if you don't have a diagonised learning disability,I act like these fuсking retards
Tfw no stacy mom
I wish i could fuck my mother but bitch is chad only

Saint Mentalcel

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I see no point of it if I ain't in a band, I can't think of tunes for the life of me. A guitar would just be a waste of money for me.