Another dosage of blackpill


I am who I am and I can be no other

A dad has such good looks that he blows up the Internet. When sluts say, "looks can only get you so far", I wish I could show them all the people who are doing well in life solely for their looks.

And also, here's another topic I wanted to discuss. Let's say an ugly as shit man does manage to get a girlfriend one will he keep the girl? Every time they go out on dates or any time the girl goes anywhere alone, she will see men who are much more superior in every way than her disgusting ogre-looking boyfriend. Men will flirt with her and the ugly boyfriend won't know what to do because he knows he's inferior. How can an ugly guy keep the girlfriend that he worked so hard to obtain? My answer is HE CAN'T. Not by his own power at least. Maybe she'll stay with him, virtue signaling the whole while. But there are certain things he can do to try to prevent her from leaving.

He can make sure to never go out in public with her
He can make sure to never introduce her to any male friends that he may have
He can try to avoid getting mogged by superior men in her presence

What do you think?