Anime is considered sexist towards women now...


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So many wh*res start to actually watch anime (besides ѕhit like sailor moon lmfao) and then try to complain about “wah wah pedophilia and objectification of women!’”


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Foids want all the attention to themselves. Anything that gets in their way is a problem to them.

That's why they are trying hard to prevent sex robots and waifus.

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Everything is sexist now. Just like how everything is racist and homophobic. For real, sjws whole lives are about finding things to complain about.

When I was young it was the kids pushing for less censorship and the stodgy old religious zealots wanting to censor everything. Now we have twenty-somethings who think they're changing the world with hashtags. If they had any self-awareness they'd realize how stupid it is to think that after hundreds of thousands of years only now has humanity discovered perfect morality -- and by a bunch of privileged, over-educated, self-important blowhards.

Cancel culture is such a sad joke. Kids are demanding everything be censored to conform to their very narrow view of how the world should be. They don't even realize how authoritarian their kind of thinking is. And these mammoth billion-dollar companies bend over backwards to appease sjws! The thing is, these bleating, rhetoric-spewing idealists seem to have no idea that in the future the moral standards will continue to change, and it will be them who will be seen as barbaric, insensitive, and destructive.

Yeah, I just did write a "kids these days" rant. But man, I passionately hate censorship. It's one step away from thought police.


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These wh*res queued up to watch fifty shades of grey, so I guess these wh*res love to get rаped or is that not the case because "its just a movie"?

Im genuinely curious. The film generated half a billion dollars from ticket sales.


Dragon ball is ѕhit anyway.

There's no real stakes. Characters come back when they die

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And these idiot feminazis don't seem to understand......
Anime female characters beat and abuse the male main protagonists all the time.

Women have a free pass and free hit to the male protagonists.
Sakura hit Naruto a thousand times.
Sakura complained to Naruto after Naruto saved Konoha from Pain.

Chichi even beats Goku.