Anime is considered sexist towards women now...

Saint Mentalcel

I'm feeling eager to try some Shotgun Mouthwash...
Basically anything that isn't kissing these foids' asses is considered "sexist" now. Sigh, i need a gun. Fuck this planet.


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foids like super saiyans irl and in 2D world they can't compete with bulma and Android 18

Anyways these toilets can't touch anime because a niche fraction of toilets have appropriated anime culture and they'd not let it get banned.


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feminiѕts are sexist, they degrade men. Any woman who supports feminism supports sexism and misandry. And any man who supports feminism is a traitor against his species. That ideology teaches women to disrespect men. It teaches toxic femininity. We as men need to unite and ban women in general.


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nothing toxic about Dragon Ball. Foids are braindead

Do you guys know any anime where a male beats up some women or worse? I need some life fuel