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Today my hatred turned into rage and I had to beat the shit out my punching bag. It helped me cool down but I was still upset so I took a shower and I went to the convenience store to buy a pack of smokes... the first thing I saw as soon as I stepped out of my house was a happy teenage couple hand in hand walking right in front of me and laughing. I took a deep breath and continued walking to the store and then some dogs came up to me barking and being annoying sacks of shit (btw EVERY TIME I go out there's a dog being fucking hostile to me and I can't do shit about it since every time I try to defend myself with a knife the bastards back off too fast for me to be able to stab them, plus when there are people around I have no choice but to scare the dogs away without taking out my knife.) So basically I feel like I'm losing my fucking shit. I'm thinking about buying some wire at the hardware store and attach it to a handle kinda like a whip so next time these canine cunts try to fuck with me I'll run away a little pretending to be scared so they get more confident and closer to me and then WHOOOOOSH! right in their fucking faces. I swear I wish I could exterminate every single one of them. The number of dogs freely roaming the streets of my city is just ridiculous, every single member of my family and myself have been both bitten by a dog and also fallen off our motorcycles because of dogs. All of my neighbors have dogs and the fuckers bark ALL NIGHT LONG FOR NO FUCKING REASON, sometimes I throw rocks to my neighbors' roofs but they don't do shit about their pets, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with these people. I think I'll add poison to the list of items to buy in the hardware store. Btw I was talking about minecraft the whole time ok