AMA: I grew up poor/fat and am in a mixed race relationship with someone 10x hotter than me


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Its in the topic but this is more of an introduction post. I've been following incels for a little while now but have done little to investigate other than to simply bash or troll. I'm mostly over it now. Just like with feminists and radical feminists, I'm seeking out an informed and educated perspective of incel culture.

The culture that I've seen fostered around incels is one that is uncomfortably familiar. Truly, at one point in my life (particularly middle school and high school) I always thought that being a genuine good friend by being attentive to social needs, being able to relate to one another and provide constructive criticisms of all the things you go through during childhood would eventually catch the eye of people that I was attracted to. But it never did. It caught the eye of people who appreciated me, but those whom i could never appreciate. Even when I did get dates, relationships never lasted and they were often mute of anything that I would consider memorable.

I felt like a burden or some kind of progressive choice. Like someone that you'd try on to see if they were worth the effort. I never felt worth the effort. After high school years I started focusing heavily on my identity and what I valued, materialistically, philosophically, and socially. I feel like I've come quite far.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm happily married to a woman who I don't only consider my intellectual equal/superior (which for me is very attractive trait), but also my emotional superior.

Feeling secluded and unworthy tends to do things to your psychology that are sometimes beyond repair. However I have learned to simply absolve myself of any true identity and simply focus on things that would benefit my survival. Whatever identity I have left, as a result, is just what I am, and what I focus to be. I think that my personal and financial situation is quite good compared to other peers close to my age. I'm quite happy with where I'm at. But I wouldn't have been able to get this far without help from people who didn't try me on as a friend. Some of those people are still in my life and are my real friends now; people who I would happily call brothers or sisters.


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vcelguy said:
1. Liar
2. Chad/norman
3. Betabux(cuck)

Tough choice isn't it?
Not really. Liars usually win. Also there's no wrong in being declared a 'chad' by you people because that implies you worship me. #3 isn't really applicable in my case.
tremor said:
Also fatcel is volcel.
That's fair but TBH I'm not fat now so...does it matter? :D